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Jack and Skye’s adventures teach kids how to deal with some of life’s toughest situations including dealing with bullies, divorce and death. All episodes are available in the iTunes/Google Play stores or to purchase on DVD.

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Skye Witness News

  • Dear Trevor Romain,
    Hello, my name is Jessica, and last week you came to my school Queens Creek! I just want to let you know you helped me and my friend Abby! We used to pick on each other, put each other down, and just be flat out mean! Well, after you came to our school, me and Abby started being nicer to each other and now we are REALLY great friends! Even though both of us moved far far away from each other we still talk ALL the time!

    – Jessica
  • Dear Trevor Romain,
    Hi! I'm Micheal at YWES, Japan. I am in Mr. Carey's 5th grade class. I enjoy school. You visited us in early March on a snowy day, to talk about deployment, and how cool it is to be a military kid. I'm using your techniques on how to relax and dealing with deployment. I have already watched some of your movies, and my parents have started reading your books. Thank you for your hard work. Also, thank you for the kit. Good luck till we meet again.

    – Michael
  • Dear Mr. Trevor Romain,
    Thank you so much for coming to Kinser Elementary School!!! Also thank you for teaching us all that stuff about bullying. I loved those videos that you made! They were great. I can't wait to see you again. You gave us lots of information about bullies and making us feel much better about facing up to a bully when someone is getting bullied. It really helped my sister, Addison.

    – Carli

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